Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb

Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb - C-SPAN One of the books I have in my growing grave hunting/cemetery book library. Is an interesting approach to the typical cemetery/grave hunting related books you’d find in your local bookstore or on websites like Amazon. The literary work I’m talking about is “Who’s Buried In Grant’s Tomb: A Tour of Presidential Gravesites” by Brian Lamb.

“Who’s Buried In Grant’s Tomb: A Tour of Presidential Gravesites” chronicles the lives (and usually the death’s) of each of the forty-four United States Presidents starting with our nations first President George Washington, and ending with our current President Barack Obama. Each biographical sketch between the covers of this fabulous book is narrated with a concise life story of the President being discussed.

Each biographical narrative of the forty-four Presidents, highlights that Presidents life, during his time in the Oval Office. Each well written concise biography also chronicles their lives after leaving office. Some of the highlights you will be overwhelmed with fascination include some of the positive, and negative impacts each President had on the American public while in office.

Some of the features you will find nestled in this book includes the statistical data of each President when he was in office, their birth/death dates, age at death, cause of death, in most cases their final words, etc. Another tidbit I find really fascinating is an imprint of each Presidents signature which is off to the side at the beginning of their respective biographical narratives.

This book includes forty-eight pages of beautiful glossy photos of Presidential gravesites (for those who’ve died) in many cases their official libraries, and homes they grew up in. Also included in the book in Appendix A through F is even more statistical data which includes lists of cemeteries the Presidents are buried in, who died in office, length of retirement after leaving office, gravesites by state, and presidential libraries.

Finally to close. This book is a must have for your collection. If your into Presidential history, American history, grave hunting, and things of that sort. While politics is not really my forte, I was easily blown away by what I learned about our nations forty-four Presidents. Needless to say I HIGHLY recommend this book.