Off Color: The Violent History of Detroit's Notorious Purple Gang

Off Color: The Violent History of Detroit's Notorious Purple Gang - Daniel Waugh I'm about halfway through with reading "Off Color" Daniel Waugh's latest tome on the American Mafia in particular Detroit's Jewish Purple Gang. I'll give a more detailed review once I finish reading this riveting narrative on the Purple Gang. For starters let me express some of my thoughts while reading this book. "Off Color: The Violent History of Detroit's Notorious Purple Gang" chronicles The Purple Gang's inception as young thugs fresh off the boat from Russia stealing merchandise off pushcarts in Detroit's Little Jerusalem. The Purple Gang would eventually make their ascent to being Underworld bigshots. Bribing, murdering, and pretty much eliminating anyone who stood in their way or interfered with their illicit business dealings. Off Color, is a highly readable book that moves along quickly and stays to the topic point.

As a researcher one of my favorite things about Off Color is the annotated endnotes which list all the newspaper articles, and documents like birth & death records, and official government documents used in the research and writing of this book. What makes this book more enjoyable is the descriptive way the author would elaborate on what he was trying to explain.

Compared to other books on The Purple Gang. Off Color brings a fresh approach to the gang's history. The writing style, combined with the amount of research involved with writing this book. Will make it an enjoyable read for anyone who's interested in books on organized crime. Needless to say I recommend this book for anyone who has a serious interest in the history of organized crime.